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Packworx is our state-of-the-art Package Assessment Lab and Training Center. It is a 12,000 square foot facility developed as part of Sigma’s mission of


“Excellence through innovation, education and creative stretch film packaging solutions.” 


We support the development of distributors and sales professionals by offering product training (both classroom and hands-on) to better equip them in a very competitive market. The classroom session includes stretch film manufacturing techniques, the science behind successful packaging and Sigma Stretch Film's efficiency efforts with Rite-Gauging®. This information is then put into practice with hands on application in our wrapping lab.

Hands on portion of Packworx class in training facility

Hands on Training

Hands on learning with our Certified Packaging Engineers in the Packworx lab! Solve the difficult packaging problems with ease. 

Photo of man loading machine film on an automatic pallet wrapper.

Stretch Film 101

Packworx training provides a solid foundation for stretch film sales. Our 2-day stretch film crash course is the perfect primer for any distributor or sales professional.

Man demonstrating a containment check using containment tool.


At Packworx, we support our clients with our full-scale packaging assessments and developing creative solutions to achieve their goals. Our Packaging Engineers work closely with our clients to relieve their pain points with innovative solutions that ensure their products reach their destination in as-made condition.

Packworx opened in September 2014 and since has hosted thousands of distributers and sales professionals from all over North America.

Our 2-day stretch wrapping crash course is the perfect primer for any distributor. Skill enhancement and solid informational basis are the most powerful sales tool available! Communicate with clients at a level of expertise that will establish participants as stretch film authorities and create long-lasting relationships.

What will you learn at Packworx?


Learn the lingo.

All the basics! Learn how stretch film is made, the different types and their best applications. Understand containment properties and how they apply to different sized and weighted pallets. Master stretch film key words and phrases. Become the go-to expert authority in all your customer relationships.


Evaluate the situation.

Learn how to evaluate a customer's packaging process, identify the pain points and provide solutions that often use less film to produce higher containment. Document their current process and explain opportunities for improvement.



Determine the exact number of revolutions, type and gauge of film, and level of prestretch needed. This often uses less film for better containment, saving cost and reducing environmental waste. Optimal containment also reduces the amount of product damaged in transit, saving costs due to goods destroyed in transit. 

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