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We're committed
to Sustainability

As a leader in supplying stretch film to customers throughout North America, we're focused on advancing sustainability efforts to take care of our people, our communities, and our planet. From our products to our processes and partnerships, we aim to exceed industry sustainability standards. 

We take a holistic approach.

Our mission is to build a circular economy, save waste and cost without sacrificing quality containment.

3 Section sustainability graphic reading: Section 1 - Our Products. From the first stretch film that bio-assimilates, to film compromised of over 50% recycled materials, we offer environmentally conscious quality product. Section 2 - Our Process. Rite-gauging optimizes your packaging solutions to minimize stretch film use while maximizing containment. Saving money and producing less waste. Section 3 - Our Partners. We have partnered with the industry's leading plastic recycling companies to provide attainable sustainability programs for waste streams.

Our Products

Our family of sustainable products offer Sigma Stretch Film's best quality standards while helping reduce your carbon footprint.

Sigma Vanish logo.
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North American Locations

Map with Sigma Stretch Film North American locations : Riverside, CA, Tulsa, OK, Shelbyville, KY, Lyndhurst, NJ and Belleville, Ontario, Canada.

Our manufacturing locations are strategically located in key distribution centers across North America. One of the largest contributors to a company’s carbon footprint is transportation of the finished product. 

Our Process

Sigma Stretch Film has two processes that optimize stretch film use and minimize waste. 

Infographic summarizing Sigma Packworx and Rite-Gauging processes.

Our Partners

We continue to build partnerships to offset our carbon footprint and aid the environment.

iSustain logo.

iSustain is a national waste and recycling solutions provider. They provide solutions and services to create credible, measurable and attainable sustainability programs for customers' waste streams.


We know creating a recycling program can be challenging, so we've created this exclusive partnership. 


Here's how the program works: 

  • Schedule a complimentary recycling assessment.  

  • Streamline your vendor network to create a one-stop-shop.   

  • Provide plastic circularity solutions.



  • National turn-key managed program.

  • Proven cost reduction.  

  • Reduction in landfill waste. 


Schedule your assessment today.

Smartplastic logo.

Founded in 2016, Smart Plastic is revolutionizing the potential of plastic to improve the environment for future generations.


Their advanced technologies are designed to enhance the beneficial properties of plastic while dramatically and conclusively reducing the environmental impact. 


We've partnered with Smart Plastics to create our Vanish stretch film. This film has the Eclipse additive which allows the film to bio-assimilate after two years, without sacrificing our high quality standards.

Bio-assimilation is the process of breaking down plastic into a molecular material that can be used as energy by micro-organisms.


Learn more about this revolutionary stretch film developed by the creative engineering minds at Sigma Stretch Film and Smart Plastics Technology.


Industry Associations

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Sustainable Packaging Coalition Logo
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One pallet of stretch film can save 100 pallets of damaged products from being sent to a landfill. 

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