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In 1993, the newly formed Sigma Stretch Film team set out to change the landscape of the industry. The philosophy was simple. Provide a consistent product at a fair price in configurations that make sense for our distribution partners. Thirty years later we have grown from a small company with big ideas into an industry leader.


Starting from a small plant in New Jersey, Sigma Stretch Film added grass roots plants in Kentucky, Oklahoma, California, and Canada and has swelled to over 700 million pounds of capacity. Sigma remains at the forefront of innovation and quality, continually adding the best equipment and technologies.


At the heart of our manufacturing philosophy is a core belief that our products should be simple to use across a variety of equipment, and accessible at every Sigma Stretch location. Consistency is key. Every one of our employees take pride in producing a world class quality product.


The proof is in the product.

Collage of images from around the Sigma Stretch Film manufacturing site.


Giving Back
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