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Technical Documents

All documents below are updated for the current calendar year, and available to download as a PDF. If you have any additional questions, please contact your Sigma Stretch Film Sales Professional or call 800-672-9727.

24 Hour Contact

Allergen Statement

Animal Derivative Material & Animals in Testing Statement

Asbestos Statement

Benzophenone Statement

BHT, BHA, TBHQ ADA Statement

BPA Statement

California Prop 65 Statement

California Transparency in the Supply Chain Act Statement

CFC Statement

CFIA Statement

CFR 21.177.520 Statement

Chlorine Statement

Conflict Minerals Statement

Content Statement

Contingency Plan Statement

Continuing Guarantee Statement 

CPSIA Statement

Dimethyl Fumarate Statement

Dioxane Statement

DIPN Statement

EU Directives Statement

Fair Labor Standards Act Statement

FDA and Food Contact Statement

Food and Beverage Statement

Fungicides Fumigants and Preservatives

GDSL Statement

Gluten Statement

GMO Statement

Halal & Kosher Statement

Heavy Metals Statement

How to Calculate Film Weight

ISPM-15 Statement

Lot Code Statement

MEV Content Statement

Minority Certificate Sigma 2023-2024

Nitrosamine Statement

NMFC Freight Class Statement

Nonphenolethoxylates Statement

Pest Control Statement

PFA Statement 2024

PFAS Data 2024

PFOS and PFOA Statement

Phenols Statement

Phthalates Statement

Polystyrene Statement

Polytertraflourethylene Statement

PVC Statement 2023

Quality Statement

Quaternium 15 Statement

Raw Material and Specification Statement

Reach Statement 2024

Recyclability Statement 2023

Recycled Content Statement

Safety Data Sheet 2024

SASO and Biodegradability Statement

Shelf Life and Storage Statement

Silver Statement

Sulfur Statement

Third Party Audit Statement

Traceability Statement

TSCA Statement

UVI Statement

Warranty Statement

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