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Hand holding plastic pellets used to make sustainable films.


As an industry leader, it’s our responsibility to invest in developing products, partnerships and processes that help build a circular economy and a more sustainable future for our associates, customers, and the planet.

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Blown hand film

  • High performance, 30% PCR one-sided cling cast hand film.

  • Engineered to “lock up” at 75% stretch for easy application, optimization, and strong load containment.

  • “Lock up” point when stretched to capacity means a thinner gauge on pallet than on the roll, using less product for more efficient containment.

  • High clarity and easy unwind hand film.

  • One-sided cling allows side-by-side storage without pallet-to-pallet adhesion, preventing pallets from adhering together during storage and transportation.

  • High puncture resistance.

  • 100% Recyclable.

Available in hand and machine film.

  • Powered by Eclipse™ Bio-assimilation Technology.

  • Designed to bio-assimilate within 2 years after use.

  • No micro-plastics left behind.

  • Available in hand and machine films.

  • 100% Recyclable.

Blown hand film

  • Composed of 25% of post-consumer recyclate (PCR) up to 50% other recycled materials, and 25% virgin materials.

  • Sigma Stretch Film has partnered with professional recyclers that have the capacity and capability to collect and convert used stretch film into PCR, supporting a circular production cycle.

  • Conventional blown hand film.

  • Double-sided cling.

  • 100% Recyclable.

Cast machine film

  • Sigma’s highest performance one-sided cling cast machine film designed for high speed, challenging applications.

  • Polypropylene enhanced formulation engineered to minimize tears and puncture propagation.

  • Ideal for down gauging with Sigma’s trademarked Rite-Gauging® methodology.

  • One-sided cling allows side-by-side storage without pallet-to-pallet adhesion, preventing pallets from adhering together during storage and transportation.

  • Perfect roll, edge profiles and gauge consistency.

  • Great for inboard loads where increased stress on load may occur.

  • 100% Recyclable.

Prestretch hand film


  • Strength and cling of  blown film in an easy-to-use ergonomic light weight roll.

  • Prestretch promotes more consistent, optimized film usage & reduces user fatigue.

  •  High containment at thin gauges results in less plastic in the environment.

  • Reduced worker fatigue ensures pallets are wrapped the same throughout shift. Walk forward application is safer than conventional film application.

  • Damage proof rolls.

  • Extended core for easy application, no applicator necessary!

  • Applications include: cold environments, distribution and grocery warehouse, internal wrapping, boxed products, food processors, hand wrap applications, all load profiles, and bagged products.

  • 100% Recyclable.


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Does your city recycle stretch film?
Click below to find recycling locations in your area.

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Sigma Stretch Film is continuously working to produce less waste, develop smarter products, and use more post consumer recyclate in our manufacturing process. We're committed to creating a circular, sustainable, production process. 

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Sustainable products with all the containment of traditional films. 



Rite-Gauging® Assessments reduce damage during shipment and the amount of film used to effectively wrap a pallet. 

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iSustain Recycling is an industry leader in developing turn-key programs to remove recyclable waste from companies large and small. 

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Sigma Sustainability

Our sustainability efforts are comprehensive in working towards a circular production cycle. 

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Not sure which stretch film is right for you?

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Contact the Sigma Stretch Film Sales Professional in your area for a consultation. 

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