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Scrap plastic bundled to be recycled.

Does your business generate plastic and paper waste?
Sigma Stretch Film and iSustain can help.

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Sigma Stretch Film has partnered with the sustainability experts at iSustain Recycling to provide recycling and waste diversion solutions for our customers.

For a broader, more in-depth understanding of the true benefits of recycling your stretch film or other items and the positive impact that will have on the environment, please visit the iSustain website. The team at iSustain offers creative, economical, and environmentally conscious processes to help streamline your waste management approach and save you money.

Infographic explaining iSustain's process. 1.) Facility - iSustain will visit your facility and analyze the equipment. 2.) Process - Analyze current waste disposal processes in place at the facility. 3.) Waste - Assess the different types of waste produced by facility processes. 4.) Finances - Evaluate waste and recycling processes to improve landfill diversion and improve financial return. 5.) Solution - Develop a proposal based on finding and review solutions that reduce waste removal costs, and divert waste away from landfills.
Photo of plastic bound and stacked to be recycled.

Throw away outdated ideas.
The future of sustainable recycling is circularity.
Sigma Stretch Film and iSustain have partnered to create a circular production model.

Infographic portraying a circular economy. Product is produced, consumed, discarded as waste, iSustain recovers the recyclable materials and processes it into a form that Sigma can use to produce more product.

Advanced Recycling
With advances in chemistry, recycling has reached a new stage. Heat is used to break down plastics to a molecular level where they are separated and filtered.

Mechanical Recycling
The traditional method of recycling: plastics are ground, cleaned, separated, dried and compounded.

The circular economy is based on three principles:

  • Eliminate waste and pollution.

  • Circulate products and materials at their highest value.

  • Regenerate nature.

Join us in creating a circular economy. 
Contact your Sigma Stretch Film representative today and see your business make an environmental impact.

Get started now!

Contact your Sigma Stretch Film representative.

  • Be prepared to share information about the waste byproducts your organization generates.

  • Have an idea of the current spend.
    iSustain works to generate cost savings for organizations. 

  • Companies that have a truckload or more per month are great candidates.

  • A recycling consultant from iSustain will assess your situation and recommend a solution based on the data shared. 

Benfits to your business:

  • Dispose of waste byproducts efficiently, in a way that benefits the planet and your business.

  • Reduce the cost of waste disposal.

  • Comply with local and federal regulations.

  • Contribute to the circular economy, reusing more materials rather than pulling raw materials from the earth.

Plastic bundled ready to be recycled.

Discover the power of recycling.
Save our planet, one pallet at a time.

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