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Three rolls of varying sizes of sigma stretch film, orientied vertically and grouped together.

Sigma Stretch Film® leads the industry with quality, innovative, environmentally conscious products.


We protect your goods, ensuring they’ll arrive at their final destination safely

in as-made condition. 

A word from our President

Excellence through innovation, education and creative stretch film solutions.

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At Sigma Stretch Film®, we do everything to best service the needs of our clients, their organizations, and the safe distribution of their products. Your goods are as important to us as they are to you. Not only will we provide product that will protect your goods in transport, we will also provide the best product training at our Packworx facility at no charge to you! We employ an amazing team of professional sales, client account specialists, and marketing professionals always eager to help. At the heart of our manufacturing philosophy is the core belief that our products should be effective, consistent, and accessible at every Sigma Stretch location. 


The extra mile: Sigma Stretch Film solves shipping snags. 

Our sales professionals are expertly trained to identify pain points in your current wrapping process and offer a customized solution that works best for your business.

Using tools like packaging assessments and our Rite-Gauging® methodology will maximize product shipping and product storage protection. This means your pallets will be properly unitized and delivered in as-made condition the first time. No time or cost spent redelivering products damaged in transit. 

Sigma Stretch Film employee loading a machine to make stretch film.
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A Sustainable Cycle

As The Industry Leader, it is our duty to be environmentally conscious. We support sustainability through our use of recycled materials, processes and partnerships.


Our free Rite-Gauging® service teaches customers the most efficient way to wrap their products, reducing waste put into the environment. We deliver product from the closest Sigma Stretch Film location, reducing truck emissions. All of our products are 100% recyclable. Through our partnerships with companies like iSustain, we are consistently working to help the health of our planet. 


Always at the forefront, we have expanded our awareness into environmental preservation efforts. Through partnerships with leaders in the recycling industry, we have begun to reduce our impact on the planet. Follow our footsteps and leave less footprint. 

View looking through stretch film cores stacked. No film on rolls.

What makes us different?

Sigma Stretch Film started 30 years ago as a family business, and continues to nurture its relationships with customers and employees equally.

Our entire team, from manufacturing floor to CEO is dedicated to excellence. We are confident we have a product to solve your problem and provide full support through our sales and marketing teams.


In short, we’ve got you covered. 

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