Hand Film

Performance Blown Hand Film.  Sigma Classic blown hand film is our best selling, general purpose hand film. This versatile film’s unparalleled puncture and tear resistance makes it easy to use and reduces film breaks. The outstanding cling  package keeps the wrap intact with no tails. Classic has a wide range of sizes and gauges to handle all applications. The stretch, load retention and toughness of blown film ensures protection for regular loads and extra protection for those difficult to contain pallets.


Lightweight, Premium Blown Hand Film. Sigma Supreme is a premium grade film extruded with special orientation for a stronger film at thinner gauges. Rolls are lightweight and easy to use, minimizing fatigue during application. As with all of our blown film products, Supreme has incredible load holding force to get your products to their destination safely.


Sigma’s ECOSUPREME family of pre-stretched hand films lead the industry in overall performance and has been widely accepted as the premium film in this category. Our engineered blown master rolls, combined with a proprietary conversion process is simply the best way to manufacture thin, pre-stretched films. This innovative engineering creates Dynamic Tension within the film, causing it to contract after applying to increase containment and get more products to their destination in as - made condition. ECOSUPREME...Thin. Yet Strong.

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Sigma Stretched is pre-stretched for extra strength, higher yield and lighter weight rolls. Sigma Stretched is another unique pre-stretch product engineered to outperform all competitive pre-stretch products in the industry...regardless of thickness. It’s our proprietary blown extrusion process coupled with a conversion process developed in-house, that makes this product The Industry Leader. Sigma Stretched has unrivaled load holding force, puncture resistance, clarity and an aggressive cling package that is well suited for any application.

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Sigma Steel
Almost as strong as steel, Sigma's latest hand film will take on your toughest applications!
Sigma Steel offers:
  • Incredible load containment
  • Stiff, multi-layer formulation
  • Outstanding value and yield
  • High puncture resistance

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Premium Cast Film Hand Application System EXTENDED CORE is a cast co-extruded, premium hand film wound on 1-1/4” cores with 5”extended application handles. No dispensers are required. The X-Core design and light-weight rolls make it easy to use in tight spaces & low places. The wider film web saves time and energy. Loads get wrapped quicker with fewer trips around the pallet.