The amount of damage in the distribution cycle is estimated to be 0.58% of the sales value of all product shipped.  Reduce the amount of damage, through proper packaging and our Rite-Gauging methodology, and the resulting savings go RITE to the bottom line, increasing profitability and customer satisfaction.


Using thicker stretch film, at higher stretch levels, with fewer revolutions consumes less film and achieves higher containment force, which in turn, gets more product to its destination in as-made condition.  This results in less product going to landfill and is a win-win for your company and our environment.





In just 60 minutes, with the Rite-Gauging methodology, we can develop a customized packaging solution that reduces film consumption, damaged product, packaging cost and waste, while increasing throughput on capital equipment..  Do it RITE before it evens leaves your building.




Our proprietary Rite-Gauging methodology is designed to dramatically reduce (or eliminate) damage in your logistic operation by customizing a solution that gets more product to its destination in as made condition.  Imagine your customers NEVER having to report a damaged shipment when they receive your products!



With the Sigma pack-Rite Solution, every pallet wrapped is monitored, measured and recorded to ensure it is wrapped within the standard developed just for your company based on the Rite-Gauging methodology.  Sleep well knowing that your valuable products are being monitored 24/7.